How to download the App?

Application Form for Distributors/ Stores

Fill the form below to open a distributor or store account. We will contact you after we have received the form. Thank you for contacting us, and we are looking forward to do business with you in the future. Online Skill Solutions is the original developer of GameRoom. Game Room Online app online does not endorse with players directly. Please contact the distributors and stores directly for the following queries:
  • We do not provide forgotten PASSWORD
  • We do not accept player account
  • We do not accept to recharge and cash out
  • We do not accept download APP for players

Disclaimer: We have thousands of distributor across the globe. We do not do screening or monitoring of all of them. Hence note that the player and the distributor shall be solely responsible for solving all of their disputes regarding payment for credit or cash-out of money in the account. We do not entertain any disputes between players and stores. Thank You.